Seychelles – Advice, Contacts and Cost of attractions

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Some Important advice:

There are somethings I learn during my visit to Seychelles which I would like to pass it on to all first timers to know what to expect so it makes their stay more comfortable. Apart from the usual advise of sunscreen for any beach destination , and the use of mosquito repellent on a tropical island there are some more below from my experience.

  • Always carry a bottle of water

The sun in Seychelles is scorching hot, but the air is full of moisture from the sea. It can make you sweat, but strangely your throat will feel severely dry. I am a kind of person who walks with my hands free to avoid having to go to the toilet more frequently and also I don’t like to carry anything during leisure walking. But I learnt my lesson during the treks on Moyenne island that going out in seychelles can cause immense thirst. Have a bottle of water and keeping sipping little by little when you are out to prevent that uncomfortable feeling when dehydration kicks in.

  • Bring water shoes

During the island hopping trips the boats will be anchored a bit off shore. The coral debris can make walking through the water very difficult. Take water shoes so you can walk to land quickly. Also certain beaches like Anse source d argent exposes a lot of corals during low tide. If you have to walk around them it is better to use water shoes to avoid getting cut.

  • Local SIM to keep connected to the world

I recommend buying Cable and wireless SIM while landing in Seychelles. This can be found at the airport, or in many of the supermarkets in Mahe. You will need the local number to be able to communicate easier with tour operators, cab drivers , hotel staff etc whenever required. Also the data connection from the local sim can keep you occupied if required as at times wifi from hotels don’t work or are slow, and some self-catering and lower budget guesthouses don’t have wifi. The starter pack costs 50 SCR. You can top up on any cable and wireless kiosk whenever required.

  • Rental car use:

To make your intercity travel more flexible it is advised to use a rental car as for instance at times you may want to check out some restaurant in the other side of the city, or perhaps you may want to spend more time at another beach. However, unless you have lots of time in your hands (for instance 2 weeks of holidaying), I recommend a private city tour first as the local knowledge will be very useful to help you get a quick overview of the place.

  • Prebooking tours a NONO

DONOT I repeat DONOT prebook any tours. The weather is unpredictable in Seychelles, especially during the RAINY season which typically ranges from NOV – JAN, and if a prebooked tour is canceled you will not get the refund immediately and you may not get the complete refund. It is also a pain to follow up for refunds. Hence book and pay for the tours just before you take them. There will always be seats available unless you have a large group. For the island hopping tours from Praslin there are several tour operators along the cote d’or/Anse Volbert beach. Once you land up in Seychelles and settle into your hotel you could call up the numbers I mentioned in the contacts list below. Some of the hotels arrange for the tours as well and have their own boats.

  • Weekends closure

When taking out island hopping trips be aware that some of the islands are closed on weekends. For instance cousin and sister island are closed during weekends. So plan your itinery accordingly if you want to see them.

  • Book and Pay for your stay before arriving in Seychelles

Seychelles is not a backpacker destination. So make sure you book your stay before coming here and **also pay for it prior to arriving in Seychelles** to avoid getting delayed or stuck at the immigration. Sites like allows you to avoid paying for the stay until you check in. But I recommend to pay for the stay before landing in Seychelles to avoid inconvenience at the airport.

  • Budget accommodation

As said in the previous point Seychelles is not a backpacker destination, but one does not need to stay in a resort to experience Seychelles. Now there are lot of budget accommodation around. Self-catering is the way to save on stay in Seychelles. There are plenty of self catering villas or guesthouses. Checkout , tripadvisor for reviews and rates suiting your budget.

Hotel Contacts

Le Relax hotels:

  • Le Relax hotel , Mahe – = +248-4382900 , Email =
  • Le Relax Beach resort , Praslin = +248-4233050, Email =
  • Le Relax St. Joseph guest house, Praslin = +248-4233050, Email =
  • Le Relax Beach house, La digue = +248-4234433, Email=
  • Le Relax self catering apartments , La digue = +248-4234011, Email =
  • Le Relax luxury lodge, La digue = +248- 4234343, Email =
  • Website =

Cab drivers contacts:

  • Albaste(for Mahe) – +248-2510244
  • Colin(for Praslin) – + 248- 2510707

Tour operators contacts:

  • Patrick (St. Anne marine park tour) – +248 4322126, +248-2711910
  • Nevis (Coco –Felicite-Sister island hopping tour ) – + 248-2515557
  • Jonathan (Coco –Felicite-Sister island hopping tour ) – +248-2581274
  • Bruno (Cousin-Curieuse-St.pierre island hopping tour) – +248-2547172

Attraction costs:

  • Mahe Private city tour(per cab, seats upto 4 person, includes pick up and drop) – 2000 SCR
  • Mahe Victoria Airport to hotel in Victoria drop – 400 SCR
  • Mahe hotel to ferry drop – 200 SCR
  • Mahe ferry to airport drop – 200 SCR
  • Private Praslin tour(per cab, seats upto 4 person, includes pickup and drop) – 1000 SCR
  • Cost of the St. Anne Marine park tour – 80 Euros pp (includes Lunch)
  • Cat cocos ferry cost (Mahe to La digue) – 63 Euros one way (booked through
  • Le union estate (the entrance to source de argent beach) -100 SCR valid for 1 whole day
  • La digue Bicycle cost – 100 SCR per day
  • Coco-Felicite-Sister island trip – 95 Euros to 110 Euros(includes lunch)
  • Cousin-Curieuse-Felicite trip – 140 Euros(includes lunch)
  • Vallee de mai entrance cost – 20 Euros (includes guide)


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