Food in Langkawi

We absolutely loved most of our culinary experience in Langkawi. We had seafood for most part and most of the sea food here is fresh. Fishes, Lobsters are displayed in tanks, weighed after chosen and cooked with preferred method like grilled, fried or boiled. There were also food outlets serving international fare like shawarma, crepes, waffles, international food joints like Mc-Dee, Starbucks, Manhattan and street shops selling sago-based drinks and cut fruits.

Note: If the menu does not specifically state what fish it is then the fish is what locals call Dory.

Some of the places where we had our food:

Palm View seafood restaurant:

This is a bright red restaurant in the main street of Pantai Cenang and is not difficult to miss.

We chose grouper, couple of prawns and squid fried rice and mixed seafood grill that comprised of squid, salmon and jumbo prawns.

We liked all the dishes we had here. While we were waiting for our food one of the crabs had escaped from the tank and was found loitering around near our table. This was fun to watch and the staff then came and scooped it away.

The Grouper
Prawns fried rice with fish crackers
Squid fried rice with fish crackers
Grilled Seafood platter
The crab that came to visit us at our table

Sas Rimba floating fish farm:

This is a kind of floating restaurant which has a fish farm for exhibition and culinary purpose for tourists. The mangrove tour operators will most likely bring you to one of the floating restaurants here. Here you can see fish feeding, catch fish yourself which is then cooked to your preferred method and serve. Remember that whatever fish we catch here is going to be above 1 kg as the fishes are huge, so this will increase the cost factor. There are really no small fishes here to dine on. We had a grouper, sea bass and some fried rice. The fried rice lacked any flavour whatsoever. The grouper was good. We did not like the preparation of the sea bass much, it was some curried version, Jumbo prawns was ok. We loved the toasted shredded coconuts served with the prawns.  

Fried rice
Fried Grouper
Jumbo prawns with shredded coconuts

The Cliff:

The Cliff is a fine dining restaurant that is at one end of the Pantai Cenang street and it is built over the sea. It has a huge Signboard called Langkawi that can be spotted from the Pantai Cenang beach and is like a landmark of Pantai Cenang area.

We had the Aquarius club which consists of mussels, prawns, lobster, soft shelled crabs and sea bass fried fish with veggies, mashed potatoes and salad. It was mentioned as combo for 4 people. We loved the creamy lobster in this. We asked the sea bass to be fried instead of Malaysian curried like we ordered at the floating sea food restaurant. This we felt the fried sea bass was better than we had at the fish farm. The Aquarius club combo costed us ~350 RM

As we were 6 of us we thought the combo may not be enough and had ordered a Phad Thai which consists of Wok fried Thai rice noodles with egg, tofu and king prawns.  But I think the Aquarius club were more than enough for the 6 of us and we weren’t able to complete the noodles though we picked up the tofu and prawns from the dish. Cost ~25 RM

Strawberry Surprise and Pina Colada
Part of Aquarius club combo – Creamy lobster with softshelled crabs, prawns and mussels
Fried Sea Bass
Phad Thai Rice noodles

Manhattan fish market:

This is an American restaurant chain that serves fresh sea food and it was located inside the Cenang duty free mini mall. It has an extensive sea food menu. We had the fishermans platter that consists of Tilapia fish, mussels and prawns. It is always fun to watch the firing of the platter where they bring a lighter and spray the blue flame on the platter.  I had the spaghetti in the sea which consisted of prawns and mussels.

Fishermans platter
Fried Tilapia fish that is part of the Fishermans platter
Spaghetti in the Sea

Night market:

Night market in Langkawi is open every night from 7PM to 10 PM onwards and occurs in a different location every night. It is more popular for street food than the other items. We had sausages, fish balls, satays, Murtabak and a dessert called Appam balik that we absolutely loved. Appam balik is flour topped with sugar, corn and crumbled peanuts. If you love snickers and peanuts you would love the Appam Balik dessert snack. The cost of Appam balik starts from 1 RM, the chocolate version is 2 RM. I am still mouth-watering as I am writing this and I must call out that this simple and least expensive Appam Balik was the best dish that I had in Langkawi.

Small Appam Balik
Big Appam Balik

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